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Providing unparalleled service quality to the growing community of Poddsters in Dubai's most advanced podcast studios.

Poddster is a pioneering podcast production studio with a mission to democratize high-quality podcast production and empower individuals and businesses to document their knowledge, stories, and experiences with ease and impact.

Poddster's Three Business Units

With our three distinct business units - Consulting, Studios, and Software - Poddster provides unmatched support to individuals and businesses at every stage of creating a professional podcast.

Poddster Consulting unit is a team of industry experts who will work closely with you to conceptualize, produce, distribute and grow your podcast. Services are tailored to businesses and individuals who are looking for a dedicated partner to help them with the guidance and execution of the top performing podcast.

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Poddster Studios provide cutting-edge podcast production facilities that foster unparalleled creativity, knowledge, and storytelling. Our services span recording, post-production, micro-content creation, and distribution, all designed with the highest quality and utmost efficiency in mind.

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Meet Podyx - the first software in the world built specifically for podcast studios. Podyx is a specialized software that helps podcast studios streamline their operations, increase revenue, and improve profitability. From scheduling to billing and everything in between, Podyx has everything a podcast studio needs to succeed.

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Here's what our clients say

A great place with a variety of setups, and a super star editor. Big shout out to Ghinwa and Marwan for their professionalism, quality work and friendliness.
Alaa El Nawawy
Amazing service! Marwan and the rest of the team are the ultimate professionals. You book your recording slot and arrive there on time everything is ready and hassle-free. Highly recommended.
Mohanned Majeed
Excellent sets, professional studio manager and a great team to help with the editing. Marwan is responsive and supportive! One-stop solution providing the services to get your podcast off the ground.
Abrar Hussain
Vuk and the team are absolute legends. Accomodating, creative and overall helpful. Recorded my pilot episode with them and they helped me put it all together. Will be coming back!
Farah Mohamed
Poddster is by far the best studio. From the start, the experience is worry-free. Shout out to Marwan. He has guided me from day one to make this as successful as possible. You guys are the best.
Layal Hassi
The best podcasting studio. Top-notch gear. Adaptable venue. Team is excellent. They created our branding professionally. The editing is unbelievable. You're helping our podcast to reach new heights.
Mahmoud Al Yahya
Superb! If you're producing a podcast in Dubai, this is the place to go. The team is top-notch, efficient, & professional. The Anghami team are building a long-term relationship with Poddster.
Zeina Tabbara
Podcast & Content Strategist, Anghami
I have had the most seamless experience working with Poddster. Their team has ensured that my content quality is incredible! I recommend them to anyone looking for an expert in podcast production!
Rachel Meuleman
Business Advisor, THE BIZZ ADVISORS
Honestly, the best studio to record a podcast in! Marwan is super patient, cooperative and professional! The studio is great and the equipment is state of the art and everything is top-notch!
Hiba Jabal Aldin
Podcast Producer
We have been delighted with our experience working with Poddster so far. Their professional setup, state-of-the-art equipment and team have produced content that has exceeded our expectations.
Joshua Alison
Podcast Producer

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Frequently asked questions

What is Poddster and how can it help me?

Poddster is a pioneering podcast studio that supports both, podcast creators and other podcast studios through consulting services, production studios and first podcast studio business management software in the world. Our goal is to help you produce top-performing podcasts by providing expert advise and world class production facilities. Whether you are a podcaster looking to grow or a podcast studio looking to develop the business, Poddster can help.

What makes Poddster studios unique?

Community. We are gathering some of the brightest creators in the world and every visit of Poddster’s studio is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with one of them. Providing the best production in the world is just a plus.

Who is the Poddster Consulting unit for?

The Poddster Consulting unit is for businesses and individuals who want to create top-performing podcasts. Our team of industry professionals will guide you through every step of the process, from conceptualization and production to distribution and promotion.

Who is Podyx for?

Poddster Software is a specifically built software for podcast studios that is helping them streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

How can I rent a podcast studio in Dubai?

You can rent a podcast studio in Dubai by contacting Poddster Studios. Our team will assist you in selecting the appropriate studio for your needs and help you book a time slot for your recording.

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