3 Reasons a Podcast Will Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 2023

In the past 20 years, marketing has changed dramatically. While TV placements, billboards, and posters still play an essential role in marketing some businesses, these traditional methods are no longer the stars of the show.

Although marketers still spend more on traditional advertising as a whole, the amount spent on digital marketing has grown by an average of over 15% per year since 2012 while the amount spent on traditional advertising has stagnated or even dropped in some years. Modern businesses are deciding to forego traditional marketing altogether, choosing to focus instead on increasing their online visibility. And it’s not hard to see why.

1. Technology Has Transformed Marketing

In today’s highly digitized world, your ideal customer or investor is more likely to notice a flashy, high-definition bit of media on their phone than a billboard hanging over the freeway. Research has found that globally, people spend an average of nearly 7 hours online daily. This figure tends to be higher in regions with a younger population, such as the UAE.

The growing ease of internet access globally has been one core driver leading to major firms spending increasingly more of their budgets on internet campaigns. However, there is another driver that has been just as influential as technology in transforming marketing.  It also illustrates why podcasts have been an increasingly popular form of marketing for major international corporations such as Microsoft and General Electric.

Technology is also a crucial driver behind the big data movement. Today’s companies have the flexibility of understanding their customers according to a wide variety of parameters ranging from geological to cultural and even behavioral and psychological.

Data analysis allows for a far greater degree of precision when crafting marketing techniques because it allows you to understand your customers’ behaviors on a more detailed level. This has opened up a wave of new possibilities for defining and approaching audiences, creating the microcosm of niches and special interest groups that categorize the internet today.

Podcasts are a highly effective way of reaching out to niche groups and extracting value from them because they can celebrate the expertise of knowledgeable and charismatic podcasters. This allows podcasts to do something that many other forms of marketing cannot for one simple reason.

2. The Audience Has Changed Marketing

People hate ads. It’s true. A large reason for this is historical. As people have been bombarded with ads on radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, and so on,  many have mainly grown distrustful of them. Today’s audience is more skeptical and discerning than of yesteryear, and even the concept of adverts has taken on a slightly distasteful cultural tone.

Audiences no longer want to be sold to by towering authority figures. Instead, many consumers would sooner trust brands with whom they’ve forged a sense of identification. Your audience wants to relate to you and understand your interests before they can commit to you.

They want to see themselves in you and connect to your passions and goals. This is why content marketing has gained tremendous traction with younger audiences who spend more of their time online and why podcasts, in particular, may be just what you need to achieve your marketing goals.

3. Modern Consumers Value Trust Over Authority

Modern consumers spend most of their time browsing the internet. However, that does not mean they are actively seeking to be advertised at. Instead, what the modern consumer is looking for on the internet varies between education and entertainment.

When modern consumers are confronted by advertisements during their internet browsing, they either find these ads annoying or just tune them out altogether. Be honest, what’s the last YouTube ad you remember watching?

This is why many online marketing campaigns fail to achieve their goals. They try to copy outdated, traditional marketing assumptions and paste them into a world where endless entertainment and education are at every consumer’s fingertips. This just won’t work.

To grab your customers’ attention from the sea of content that is the world wide web, you must first appeal to their desire to be entertained before offering them a product or service. This requires you to build trust and a sense of connection with your audience.

The relationship audience members have with their favorite YouTubers or podcasters is far less parasocial than the one they may have with their favorite TV talk show host because it is so easy to reach out and connect with them. Embracing this trend by integrating organic marketing through content will greatly improve the likelihood of successfully communicating your message.

You can use podcasts in your marketing strategy for a variety of goals and objectives. You may want to establish your personal brand as a leader in your industry, you may want to spread awareness about a complex idea to attract investment to your company, or you may want to build connections to other reputable names within your industry. The possibilities are endless!

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